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The adaptive technology behind Scholar makes training more efficient, engaging, and memorable. Scholar minimizes seat time by up to 50%, yet leads every learner to 100% mastery - all while capturing data that pinpoints your biggest risks, blind spots, and training opportunities. In fact, Scholar is the only training platform that yields predictive compliance data, helping you stop problems before they hurt your business. 

Minimize Seat Time. Change Behavior. Reduce Risk. 

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I.Q. Analytics: Unlock Strategy-Defining Insight

Revolutionize your training intelligence by capturing rich and predictive analytics for every Scholar course. Target and address your risk, report on your training ROI, and shape your program based on real behavioral insight.

Magnifying Glass
Easily find and fix your risk blind spots
Measure & prove your culture of compliance
Prevent violations before any damage is done
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Silver TECH Award 2018
"This is the data we've been talking about forever, but never had a way to get to."

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"I can sleep at night knowing my company has a 'gold star' compliance program."

- VP of Compliance, Multi-National Corporate Client



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A Product Ecosystem, Driven By A Rich Content Library

Whether custom or off-the-shelf, our full library of compliance topics will help you build your curriculum.

Financial Crimes
Code of Conduct
Competition / Anti-Trust
Data Privacy
Conflicts of Interest
Fraud Awareness
Insider Trading
Intellectual Property
Records Management
... And Many More

Our courses, modules and micro-learning events are ready to be launched in days (not months)

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Course Customization At Your Fingertips

Our course customization tool, Poet, lets you customize your courses as much, or as little, as you want. Change and personalize content, features or any part of the course’s look and feel. Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all.

Write your own story.

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