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About Learning Pool

We Transform Compliance for good

Learning Pool (formerly True Office Learning) is a learning and analytics company that connects its world class e-learning platform to the industry's most advanced behavioral data - helping compliance teams add significantly more value to the business with their programs.

Learning Pool has worked with thousands of companies, helping over 21 million learners around the globe become their most ethical and compliant selves.




Our Mission

We want to create a world where every employee has the opportunity to be his or her most ethical and compliant self.

What we do 

Elevate company performance by empowering employees and organizations to make better decisions through learning and data intelligence.

Why We do it

Learning is the key to company performance. Every moment spent in a learning journey should be optimized to the learner, designed to change behaviors and build intelligence on the learner to unlock his or her true potential.

How we do it

Provide an easy-to-use, platform-independent software ecosystem that transforms how e-learning is created, deployed, experienced, and measured

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+1 844 238 5577

1411 Broadway, 16th Floor |  New York, NY 10016

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