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Don't Let Employees Fall Into The Gifts & Entertainment Grey Area


A restaurant gift card was all that separated me from my strait-laced corporate image and an orange jumpsuit...

Okay, I am prone to drama, but jest aside, I was at risk of violating company policy and I didn’t even know it. The incident I am referring to happened prior to my role as a compliance practitioner who knew where to find our corporate policies – and that there may even be one relating to gifts and entertainment (aka business courtesies)!

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What Conduct Risk Has In Common With My Thanksgiving Plans


I received a call from my mother-in-law yesterday. She wanted to know if we were planning to come over for Thanksgiving. Not unusual. But the conversation that followed was so…2020. Upon my affirmation of ‘yes’ (we would never miss her cooking and company!), she proceeded to lay out her COVID-19 friendly Thanksgiving Strategy, centered around our family self-quarantining from now until then if we wished to enter her home:

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Analytics or “analytics”: It’s not like tomato, tom-ah-to.

Analytics. It has become the go-to (and let’s face it, often overused) word for compliance practitioners who seek to evolve their programs in a meaningful way by leveraging data. Compliance training is a powerful source of this type of transformational data for teams to leverage, as it is one of the most substantive interactions the organization has with every employee. But that data often falls short. The challenge with much of the data that comes out of compliance training is that it’s not truly insightful...despite many vendors best efforts, the “data” that comes out of most training platforms is completion and quiz data. This just is not deep enough insight for most teams.

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’Tis the Season…for Election Season: Here Are Three Employee Reminders

With less than 30 days until the general election, let’s face it, the political climate in 2020 makes Game of Thrones intrigue seem tame, regardless of your leanings. Not to mention everything else that makes 2020…unique!

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Unconscious Bias Campaign Kit

We know that so many compliance teams today are struggling to create effective communication on Unconscious Bias that really resonates with employees and connects with learners on an emotional level. So we built a collection of humanized and compelling training assets that help companies inject fairness and reduce bias in their culture.

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October New and Updated Courses

True Office Learning makes regular updates to course material, and introduces new courses to our library based on the latest compliance landscape. See below for what's been updated or newly introduced in our course library. 

You can request the full course catalog from a member of our team by filling out the form here

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Humanizing Compliance During a Global Crisis

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Inspiring employees to care about compliance isn’t a challenge new to 2020, but in the midst of a global pandemic, that challenge is understandably magnified. This year, many employees turned their attention to figuring out a remote work environment and adjusting to new expectations and uncertain futures. Those concerns remain valid, and as a result, compliance is not at the forefront of the average employee’s mind.

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