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Why You Should Take Another Look at DOJ Cybersecurity Best Practices

The jaw-dropping data breaches of the past decade—Equifax, First American, and Yahoo, to name a few—would seemingly have numbed the business world’s consciousness to such massive incidents. But then, something happens that puts IT departments and compliance professionals back on edge …

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How EEOC Recommendations Change Your Harassment Training for the Better

Workplace harassment has always been a serious issue facing companies that want to build a safe environment so employees can earn a living without feeling threatened or ashamed. And increasingly, employees are demanding that safe environment.

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One Billion Data Points and How It Impacts Compliance Benchmarks

True Office Learning just hit a major milestone in our quest to reinvent compliance analytics: We’ve crossed the 1 billion mark of compliance data points in our I.Q. Analytics engine. That’s a big deal for businesses, but if you’re not familiar with advanced data, you might not fully understand how powerful the figure truly is.

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Major Compliance Program Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

The question asks for a simple yes/no answer: “In situations of potential harassment, does the intent behind the behavior matter?”

The correct answer to this question, which appears in a True Office Learning module, is no. Of the millions of users who’ve answered it, only 64 percent got it right, meaning more than a third of employees incorrectly think harassment might be OK depending on the circumstance.

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Is Your Current Compliance Training Effective or Simply ‘Checking the Box?’

Many companies provide compliance training because it’s mandatory, but are they really excelling at it? 

Organizations may be content to merely fulfill compliance training requirements that meet laws and guidelines, or perhaps they offer basic learning and believe that’s enough—or all that’s available—for employees to make good compliance decisions. Too often, these businesses find themselves burned by noncompliant employees ...

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