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Learning vs. Training: It's All About People

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, I—like many people—have spent a lot of time thinking about what's important. One thing I've found myself continually reflecting on—both personally and professionally—is how much our interactions with others matter.

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Show Don't Tell: Tips To Make Compliance Training Come Alive

Back when I taught first-year composition, one of the most common pieces of feedback I gave my students was, "Show me, don't tell me." In other words, it wasn't enough for them to simply state their argument; they had to make me believe it.

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Less Is More: 3 Ways to Streamline Compliance Course Content

The old saying "less is more" can be applied to a lot of things—from perfume and cologne to spices and seasonings to architecture (depending on your aesthetic).

But what about compliance training?

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The Right Kind of Wrong: Crafting Plausible Incorrect Answers In Training

Several years ago, I took a training on workplace safety. To this day, there's a question from that training that's stayed with me:

An unauthorized stranger has entered your workspace. What should you do?

A) Say, "We keep the toxic chemicals over here—follow me!"
B) Spring from your seat and tackle the stranger to the ground.
C) Follow our company's policy.
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Create an Effective Compliance Training Course in 3 Easy Steps

Last weekend, my husband and I put together a sofa table that we recently purchased. When given the option to pay extra to have a professional assemble it for us, we scoffed, "Absolutely not! How hard can it be to put a sofa table together?"

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Adapting Compliance Training in the Age of COVID

Carly Chasin, PhD is a manager of Instructional Design for OTS courses here at True Office Learning. She is responsible for overseeing and developing much of the world-class compliance training content that helps hundreds of organizations become more ethical. 

2020 did not go the way I expected.

In my personal life, I adapted in ways big and small. My spare bedroom became a home office, my living room became a makeshift gym, and my twice-postponed 150-person country club wedding became a socially distant, 10-person beach affair.

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