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Is Traditional Compliance Training Dead?

Originally published in Training Magazine at Written by Harper Wells, CCO, Learning Pool

Most compliance professionals are accustomed to evaluating—and reevaluating—emerging and existing risks to their organizations and implementing effective compliance programs to safeguard against them. But as compliance professionals well know, all compliance programs aren’t created equally—not even close.

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Virtual Communication Tips for Compliance Training Managers and Their Teams

Originally published by Training Industry on 9/21  here. Article written by Harper Wells, CCO, Learning Pool. 

The working world has forever changed. COVID-19 accelerated the rise of hybrid and virtual work, fundamentally altering the workplace for both organizations and employees.

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Why Companies Should Have A Compliance Training Calendar

Originally published by Training Industry, found here. Article written by Harper Wells

For decades, compliance training has been no more than an annual endeavor at many organizations. Typically, employees attend training once a year and forget about it until a year has passed and they would be reminded to take the course again.

In the 2020s, this strategy doesn’t work. The days of a “paper program” in which an employee participates in some sort of standard training and the organization checks a box that it was completed are over. Today, regulators demand something more interactive and impactful.

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My Three Big SCCE Takeaways

Oh, the typical post-conference post. This is usually where I give an overview of the biggest trends and best compliance practitioner takeaways. But the biggest question I’ve been asked since I came back was not, “What did you learn?” but, “What was it like?”. What was it like to be at an in-person event while the world is still battling a pandemic?

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Preparing for an IPO? Here’s four compliance must-haves to set you up for success

Congratulations! You’re pre-IPO. You’ve spent countless days, nights, and weekends at your private company gearing up for the big day. It’s such an exciting time – and the level of preparedness needed is instrumental to your company’s success. After all, IPO is just the beginning of a long road of delivering growth and shareholder value. And to boot – you’re now responsible for ensuring compliance at your company.

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True North 2021 Takeaway Series: Part Two

If you missed it last week, we are breaking down some of our favorite True North takeaways over the course of the next 4 weeks. For week 2, we look at our session with Matt Kelly, CEO, Radical Compliance, The Compliance Futurist Movement, and what it means to be a Compliance Futurist. Here's the takeaway. 


Week 2

Compliance Futurists – Keep your Eye on the Distant Horizon (Matt Kelly)

Matt Kelly encourages us to watch what’s happening out in the world and pay attention to the larger things – like when the administration puts out a policy statement or there’s a large court case – because they may ultimately impact your company.

Being a futurist means asking yourself about the capabilities your organization will need to achieve this new compliance requirement. Stick with steps one and two before jumping ten rungs up the ladder – start simple.

His example – enhanced ESG disclosures: You’re going to need trusted ways to extract ESG data from various departments both internally and with third parties. Stop right there. That’s the capability. You need to be able to see the inevitable and then reverse engineer from there. All the other questions around the technologies needed, budget, and structure will fall in line from there.


watch the full session here


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True North 2021 Takeaway Series

We are still feeling energetic from our first True North conference a month ago, In fact, we’re so excited about our endless pages of notes, quotes, and ah-ha moments, we thought we’d create a meme-worthy Cliff’s Notes version of our favorites! In the spirit of short and to the point, we’ll be dripping these over the next five weeks. And of course, we’re planning longer format deep-dives into some of the topics you said you wanted more of! Stay tuned!


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