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Evolving Corporate Compliance

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How to Prevent a Compliance PR Disaster

Noncompliance can cost organizations money in terms of regulatory penalties and direct losses. For example, if a healthcare provider suffers a data breach that exposes patient records, they can be hit with fines for violating HIPAA rules, plus they will need to spend money to clean up the breach, shore up cybersecurity, offer free credit monitoring, and so on.

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Busting E-learning Myths Part 2: Data Versus Insight

From big data to burst learning, virtual reality to adaptive logic, several digital trends promise to deliver cutting-edge capabilities that can engage learners and embed knowledge like never before. On the one hand, some of these trends represent meaningful applications of modern technology that can take learning efficacy to the next level. On the other, some are not nearly as effective in application as one might expect. To separate fact from fiction in the digital age, corporate leaders must deconstruct some common e-learning myths to get at the core of what drives engagement, knowledge retention, and ultimately, return on investment.

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