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How the EEOC Has Evolved Its Compliance Training Advice

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) statistics showed that sexual harassment claims filed with the agency increased 13.6 percent for FY 2018 over the previous year. Reasonable cause findings jumped 23.6 percent, and almost $70 million was collected through administrative enforcement—a huge leap from the $47.5 million collected the year before.

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5 Innovative Benefits of Modern Online Compliance Training

Online compliance training exists for a simple reason: to deliver compliance principles to employees efficiently so that they have the knowledge they need to make good decisions long after the training ends. Most organizations offer some form of compliance eLearning..., deploying training, and calling it a day—hoping that the content employees learn is enough to help them make good decisions until next year’s training.

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What You Can Learn from 3 Recent Corporate Compliance Failures

Just when you thought things were getting better, two recent statistics underscore why being proactive with online compliance training remains so important to today’s organizations:

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What to Do with the Data From Your Annual Compliance Training

Traditionally, annual compliance training meant presenting information to employees, hoping they learned that info, and holding your breath that they would take what they learned and avoid careless, noncompliant choices. Rarely have compliance officers and their organizations considered training to be a source of data-rich, intelligent data.

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Common Employee Errors to Address in Your Organization’s Security Awareness Training

The idea of data breaches, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other digital criminal activity may conjure images of hackers or organized cybergangs hell-bent on penetrating an organization’s systems. The underlying truth is not always as sinister, but it is just as disconcerting.

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