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Strong Diversity Compliance Training Results Show There’s Still Room to Improve

Organizations are devoting more significant resources and effort to improve diversity in their workplace. However, amid—or perhaps because of—all of the positive progress that has occurred, negative diversity incidents become all the more amplified. A recent example involved a Muslim woman who was ordered to remove her hijab for work, even though no company policy forbade her from wearing one.

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Delaware Supreme Court Case Serves as a Reminder for Board Oversight

A 2019 Delaware Supreme Court decision in the case of Marchand v. Barnhill highlights the importance of a board’s duty to oversee key risk and compliance issues of the organization they represent. Although the case doesn't signify a change in standards, it serves as an important reminder that being actively engaged in compliance is critical to the operation of the business.

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The Role of Corporate Compliance in Building a Respectful Workplace

Despite all the negative headlines about bad behavior at work, most employees in 2020 understand the importance of respect in their day-to-day jobs, as well as what defines respectful behavior. True Office Learning data confirms this.

When presented with scenarios about workplace safety and violence, employees who have taken our courses made the right decision 95 percent of the time. The same percentage was achieved for scenarios about reporting and non-retaliation.

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Do Your Employees Understand What It Means to Protect Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) theft is expensive for American companies—as much as $600 billion is lost yearly. Although much of this loss can be attributed to foreign counterfeiters and cheap knockoffs, it’s not just fake handbags; some theft involves deep proprietary information, such as trade secrets, non-retail patents, and commercial processes.

And though the bad guys are out there trying to steal this info, some of it isn’t being stolen—it’s being accidentally exposed by rank-and-file employees.

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Lessons from Google's $11 Million Age Discrimination Case

In July 2019, Google agreed to pay $11 million to end a class action lawsuit brought on by 227 individuals who accused the company of age discrimination against job applicants who were over the age of 40. The settlement also requires parent company Alphabet Inc. to train employees and managers about age bias, create a committee on age diversity in recruiting, and ensure that age-related complaints are adequately investigated.

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A Look into California’s Law Banning Hair and Hairstyle Discrimination

On July 3, 2019, California became the first state to ban discrimination against hairstyles associated with a person’s race. Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Senate Bill No. 188, the Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair (CROWN) Act, which amends the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and the California Education Code. The CROWN Act is effective January 1, 2020, joining similar laws recently passed in New York and New Jersey, and represents a developing trend in preventing workplace discrimination and harassment.

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Here’s Where Employees Struggle with Data Privacy the Most

The new decade promises to connect people to the digital world—and each other—more than ever. If 2019 was any indication, those connections will also be more fraught with risk.

Halfway through July 2019, last year was on track to be the worst for data breaches. The numbers for the rest of the year aren’t in yet, but even based on six months of incidents, the reality is daunting: Data privacy is under siege. Compared to the same time period in 2018, the amount of reported breaches had already increased by 54 percent.

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