October New and Updated Courses


True Office Learning makes regular updates to course material, and introduces new courses to our library based on the latest compliance landscape. See below for what's been updated or newly introduced in our course library. 

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new courses

Navigating Unconscious Bias: 

"Navigating Unconscious Bias" equips employees to recognize unconscious biases and microaggressions. Through visualization exercises, immersive scenarios, and practical examples, this course provides guidance on challenging unconscious biases and avoiding acting on them in the workplace. The course also offers instruction on speaking up if unconscious bias is unduly impacting workplace decisions and interactions. Additional manager content is also included in this course.

Preventing Sexual Orientation Harassment (Lightning Moment micro asset):  

Part of the Coach microlearning library, this short, high-level training asset helps employees prevent harassment and discrimination based on actual or perceived sexual orientation.

Making The Team - (Decision Moment micro asset):

In this short Diversity and Inclusion offering, employees must help a manager decide which employees should be chosen to deliver a presentation to a prospective client. It reinforces the importance of not making assumptions based on personal characteristics and valuing coworkers for their differences and unique skillsets.

Microaggressions - (Decision Moment micro asset):

This short, high-level training explains what microaggressions are and how they can impact an organization's work culture. The offering provides practical guidance on avoiding microaggressions—such as thinking twice before speaking and examining your own beliefs and assumptions more critically.

CCPA - Opting Out - (Lightning Moment micro asset): 

Short, high-level training on the CCPA and the right to opt out.

CCPA - Personal Information - (Lightning Moment micro asset): 

Short, high-level training on what is considered personal information under the CCPA.


Updated course

Preventing Workplace Harassment: Global Edition

"Preventing Workplace Harassment: Global Edition" provides employees and managers with the knowledge and best practices to recognize, prevent, and report behavior indicative of discrimination and harassment. The course covers what constitutes harassment, including the role played by unconscious bias, as well as who can be a harasser and where harassment can take place. Employees are given clear direction on the importance of behaving professionally while on the job, including work interactions away from the office and online. Additionally, employees learn to identify harassment based on protected characteristics (race, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex, and other characteristics), and the forms sexual harassment can take (hostile environment and abuse of authority). Learners also receive instruction on preventing workplace bullying and engaging in bystander intervention. The course concludes with sections on reporting in good faith and non-retaliation.


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