Q1 Course Updates


True Office Learning makes regular updates to course material, and introduces new courses to our library based on the latest compliance landscape. See below for what's been updated or newly introduced in our course library. 

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Refreshed COURSES


  • Global Edition, Facilitation Payments Prohibited
  • Global Edition, Facilitation Payments Allowed
  • Third Party, Global Edition—Facilitation Payments Prohibited
  • FCPA Edition, Facilitation Payments Prohibited
  • FCPA Edition, Facilitation Payments Allowed

Pack your bags; you're going on a trip around the world! Along the way, you'll receive guidance on which types of payments are and aren't permissible under anti-corruption laws and organizational policy. You'll also receive instruction on conducting third-party due diligence, identifying red flags, and monitoring third-party partners conducting business on the organization’s behalf. Lastly, this course outlines recordkeeping requirements and best practices and offers direction on how to report real or suspected violations. This course leverages an immersive course concept for increased learner engagement.

Preventing Sexual Harassment:

  • US Edition
  • Global Edition

"Preventing Sexual Harassment: US Edition" covers what sexual harassment is, where it can occur, and who can be a harasser. In addition, the course provides guidance on identifying and preventing sex-based discrimination and harassment; emphasis is placed on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and pregnancy. Employees also receive instruction on how to report sexual harassment as well as bystander intervention.

This course has an additional category for managers, which focuses on preventing and responding to sexual harassment. In particular, the category emphasizes the importance of educating employees, monitoring the work environment, and leading by example. Managers also receive direction on responding to reports of sexual harassment in accordance with organizational policy.

*US Edition also includes jurisdiction-specific content for Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York.

This course leverages an immersive course concept for increased learner engagement.

Living by Our Code: Manufacturing Edition

Get ready to tour the manufacturing facility! In this course, employees will take an immersive tour, meet various coworkers, and navigate some common business challenges. Along the way, they'll learn about your organization's Code of Conduct and gain the essential information they need to know to comply with organizational policies and the law. This training provides guidance on ethical decision-making and fair dealing, as well as best practices for navigating conflicts of interest and avoiding insider trading. It also emphasizes diversity and inclusion and harassment prevention as integral to a safe and respectful workplace. Additionally, employees receive direction on communicating professionally and protecting organizational resources, including confidential information, intellectual property, and company assets. Lastly, the course offers guidance on reporting violations of organizational policy and the law. This course leverages an immersive storyline and course concept for increased learner engagement.

Modular Code Course

The "Modular Code Course" presents essential information that employees at every level of your organization need to know in order to comply with your policies, best practices, and the law. Choose from the available modules to quickly create a solution that covers the key risk areas specific to your organization.

This course includes a spoken word intro video by Gary Turk and leverages an immersive course concept for increased learner engagement.



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