[Infographic] Cybersecurity: A People Problem


The ability for organizations to rebound after a data breach is becoming harder and harder. Cybercriminals continually update their techniques, but the majority of their success depends on you and your employees. Most threats stem from internal carelessness, and to prevent data breaches from damaging your organization; it's critical that you take steps to educate employees.

Find out why you need to pay attention to what behavioral data is telling you, and what you and your employees could do to protect your organization.

Startling Cybersecurity Compliance Statistics

  • 43% of employees don't know the proper steps to keep personal devices secure while traveling for work
  • Human error accounts for 52% of the root cause of security breaches
  • 32% of employees are unable to identify data privacy best practices
  • The estimated annual cost of global cybercrime is $100 billion
  • ... and much more found in this infographic!


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