Case Study: How A $11B Tech Company Streamlined Disclosures


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This cases study, developed in 2021, highlights the use of dynamic disclosures for an $11B technology company, and how informed360 streamlined their reporting and review of Conflict of Interest and Gifts & Entertainment Disclosures. Keep reading for the outline, written by an informed360 client.

The Challenge

"We are committed to ensuring adherence to anti-corruption laws especially when it comes to gifts, meals, entertainment and travel on a global scale. Also, due to the nature of our industry and our competition, we deal with many types of conflicts of interest arising out of our employees’ activities inside and outside the company.

While the majority of the disclosures are low risk, our approach is to deal with them proactively, rather than the impacts after the fact. They also set the stage for the broader ethics and compliance program by involving employees and emphasizing that  we take compliance seriously and will work closely with employees to address concerns. With this approach, we achieve a high level of compliance while reducing risk for both the company and our employees.

Before informed360, we used an internally developed solution for submitting and reviewing disclosures. It gave us a basic portal for capturing disclosure information, but it was not intuitive or user-friendly. It also lacked basic reporting capabilities.

Under the direction of our Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, we wanted to install a Conflicts of Interest and Gifts & Entertainment process that met the technical and user experience expectations of our employees.  To be successful, we wanted a robust workflow solution that allows our employees to easily disclose potential conflicts, and our compliance teams to quickly review and resolve issues in a single platform.  We also wanted to track trends for both reporting and continuous improvement."

The Solution

We selected informed360’s Dynamic Disclosures solution to achieve our disclosure objectives. With informed360, the entire disclosure process is contained in one place: disclosures, communications, and decisions across all disclosure types from Conflicts of Interest to Gifts & Entertainment.

Within a few weeks, we configured informed360’s embedded forms and questions, as well as approval workflows, to meet our specific needs and culture. Meanwhile, our IT team worked with informed360 to integrate our Single Sign-on (SSO) and HRIS systems to simplify access and workflow reviews. Through a Proof of Concept, we gathered feedback and adjusted the process and forms before rolling out the informed360 disclosure tool across the company.

Benefit 1: engaged Employees And Stakeholders

For a disclosures process to be successful, we needed to make it easy for employees and reviewers alike. With informed360, we have simplified every step of the process.
  • Employees gain direct and secure access with single sign-on and are able to complete forms in minutes.
  • Conditional logic allows employees to answer only questions that are relevant for their disclosure.
  • Disclosures are automatically routed, and reviewers notified, when a new disclosure is submitted.
  • Reviewers appreciate the ease of navigation to gather additional information, review and follow through on each disclosure.

Benefit 2: Greater Flexibility and Control

informed360’s embedded best practice forms, questions and workflows, anticipated most of our disclosure needs and allowed us to get up and running quickly.

Being configurable, they allow us to adjust to changing business needs and internal user feedback.  We don’t need to go to informed360 and wait for a change. We can make changes ourselves. 

Where enhancements were needed, the informed360 team worked with us to improve functionality, while not overcomplicating the interface. Together we have improved the platform in a true partnership. 

Benefit 3: Consistent Data and Simplified Reporting

informed360 allows us to capture and track data in a structured and standardized format and align workflows with our policies and Delegation of Authority (DOA) approval levels. 

As the system of record for all disclosures, we can run searches and filter data to find exactly the information we need, as well as conduct year-over-year tracking of potential conflicts and trends.  We can also run reports in real-time or on a periodic basis to provide senior leaders with KPIs, delivering the information needed in minutes, not hours or days.

Finally, our internal audit team now has the ability to look across all disclosure type to identify and act on red flags.


If you're looking for a way to simplify, connect and align your disclosure process while engaging stakeholders throughout your business, take a look at informed360’s Dynamic Disclosures and see if it is right for you. It has been great for us.







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