Get the Complimentary Micro Course: COVID-19 Preparedness


As the world continues to face the impacts of COVID-19, we want to help our extended community stay healthy and productive in these uncertain times. At True Office Learning we believe in the transformative power of adaptive eLearning. To do our part, we are making our COVID-19 Preparedness course from our Scholar Microlearning library available to all. This microlearning course is complimentary, and you can get instant access by filling out the form below.

This 3-5 minute course will help your employees navigate workplace changes resulting from Coronavirus/COVID-19 and covers meaningful tips for navigating common business challenges, including:

  • COVID-19 Awareness with information directly from CDC: Recognizing symptoms and tips for minimizing the spread
  • Relevant cybersecurity guidance: Protecting data when working remotely and watching out for potential phishing attempts and scams
  • Discriminatory conduct: Avoiding determining COVID-19 risk based on someone’s race, country of origin, or any other personal characteristic
  • Business continuity instruction: Working from home, steps to take before and after travel, notifying the company after suspected exposure

We look forward to seeing this micro course help your employees stay safe, healthy, calm and productive as they navigate this evolving and difficult time in their business and personal lives. 

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