Don't Let Employees Fall Into The Gifts & Entertainment Grey Area


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A restaurant gift card was all that separated me from my strait-laced corporate image and an orange jumpsuit...

Okay, I am prone to drama, but jest aside, I was at risk of violating company policy and I didn’t even know it. The incident I am referring to happened prior to my role as a compliance practitioner who knew where to find our corporate policies – and that there may even be one relating to gifts and entertainment (aka business courtesies)!

Thankfully, at the time I knew a guy…who told me to check in with my boss and our company policy to see whether I can accept this thoughtful “gift” from our vendor who we’d worked with for years. Turns out, we could not accept cash equivalents…even outside of an RFP. Who knew a gift card to a local steakhouse could land you on the chopping block?

Hopefully, your employees have a better grasp on  policies than I did at the time, but I highlight this incident to point out that there is often grey area that employees need help with. At True Office Learning, our philosophy centers around the idea of a training and awareness ecosystem that keep information, tools, and resources flowing so that employees don’t have to “know a guy” or dig around for a policy (if they would even do that).

To help you remind your employees about gift giving and receiving this holiday seasons, we have a complimentary video available for download. Add this quick, one-minute video to your compliance arsenal by posting it on your Intranet, sharing through messaging platforms like Slack or Yammer, sending out via managers in a quick email, or playing at team meetings. It is up to you…and it’s free!

Happy holidays!

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