Download Now: Free Holiday Season Training Videos


2020 has brought unique challenges to nearly every aspect of personal and professional life. This holiday season, employees may face unusual circumstances that they're not expecting or don't know how to navigate, which can put your organization at risk. Whether it's about staying healthy while returning to work, exchanging gifts and entertainment ethically, or how  to minimize safety risks while enjoying holiday traditions.

Any and all of these videos can be downloaded and shared internally for free. 

Video 1: Three Key Reminders About Business Courtesies

Download this complimentary video and share it internally through your communications channels to help remind employees of policies around:  
  • Appropriate business courtesies to give and receive
  • Gifting limits, and who shouldn't/cannot receive gifts
  • Business courtesy's "gift intent" and how can it render a gift inappropriate



Video 2: Holiday Season Safety Reminders

Employees' decisions outside of the office while enjoying holiday traditions can put themselves and employees at risk if they aren't being as safe as possible. This video will remind your organization: 

  • Key health safety protocols and best practices
  • Ways to enjoy the holidays without unnecessary exposure to health risks


Video 3: COVID-19 Precautions & Reminders

As caution-fatigue around COVID-19 sets in, it's easy for employees to let their guard down. This video will refresh key safety guidelines around COVID-19 as employees return to the office. Use this video to remind employees of:

  • Safety protocols to keep in mind as we return to the physical office
  • Consideration of safety precautions while continuing remote work


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