New State Specific Requirements For Harassment Training


True Office Learning tracks movement on state-by-state Sexual Harassment training requirements constantly to ensure we can incorporate regulatory changes in to our courses.  Check back often to see any recent developments, and how True Office Learning plans to address them.

Talk to our instructional design experts to make sure your courses meet each state requirement.


A bill was very recently signed into law expanding the existing 2-hour training requirement for supervisors to all employees. Please note that, unlike California, the 2-hour time requirement is the same for all employees. The law requires the initial training to be provided within 1 year of October 1, 2019, and clarifies that if supervisory training was provided after October 1, 2018, that training does not need to be provided a second time. True Office Learning will be scoping a learning solution in the third quarter consistent with the CT requirements that will be timely available according to the state’s timeline.


A bill recently passed the state legislature and is awaiting governor signature before it becomes law. It will require employers to conduct annual, interactive sexual harassment training for employees. From our early reading, our current US courses are already consistent with the requirements and we will likely not need to develop Illinois-specific content. We will confirm this as we scope course development for the next quarter. We may consider developing optional industry-specific content for restaurant and bar employers given supplemental requirements for that industry.


A law was passed in May requiring sexual harassment prevention training for managers, supervisors, and “isolated” employees. The requirement applies to certain types of employers, including hotel, motel, retail, and security guard employers, as well as property services contractors. Isolated employees are those who spend a majority of their working hours alone or without a coworker present. Hotels and motels with 60+ rooms must meet the requirement by January 1, 2020; all other covered employers must do so by January 1, 2021. Our instructional design team will be scoping whether a learning solution is necessary (since our current offerings may already be consistent with the requirements) and consistent with our product (since the requirements are specific to only certain employers and employees). Any new solution would be timely available by the January 1, 2020, deadline.


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