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How Can Compliance Training Successfully Leverage Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a tool for organizations to gather deeper insights into their business data. In this conversation with Neha Gupta, True Office Learning CEO, she shares her thoughts on how AI can be weaved into compliance successfully.

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Podcast: Compliance Culture Transformation in a Time of Disruption

As part of the 2020 Global Ethic Summit's "Culture and Leadership During a Period of Overwhelming Disruption" series this year, True Office Learning CEO, Neha Gupta, was featured in a podcast interview about transforming Compliance Culture. 

In this informative interview, Neha meets with Panasonic General Counsel, Larry Bates, to discuss the emergence of his role at Panasonic, business and governance dichotomies, effecting change, and adapting to a new risk environment.

Watch the interview below to learn how Larry's experience shifting Compliance Culture can translate to your organization. 

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What Is the Future of Compliance Training? A Q&A with Neha Gupta

We sat down with Neha Gupta, CEO of True Office Learning, to discuss the future of compliance training, including how the industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Updated Guidance from the DOJ: What You Need to Know and Act On

On June 1, 2020, the Department of Justice updated its guidance document, Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs (the “Guidance”), superseding previous guidance from April 2019 and February 2017.

The Guidance, which is intended as a reference of information and questions for prosecutors – think of it as an framework – to ask companies when evaluating their compliance programs amidst investigations and subsequent charging decisions, provides us a lens into how we should be structuring our programs. You can view the key takeaways of the 2019 guidance updates here

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Black Lives Matter.

As we all struggle through this week, a few things must be said. First and foremost, systemic inequality and senseless violence IS wrong. It is everything that we at True Office Learning stand against. It is horrifying, inexcusable and it must be stopped. Second, there are no perfect answers and no dialogue on this is going to be elegant, but we need to listen, to learn, to be there for our black colleagues and communities and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We each hold the key to change. Each one of us must pause, reflect, and recognize our biases, conscious and unconscious, and make a determined choice to act differently.

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Compliance After COVID: Reassessing Your Risk Landscape

COVID-19 has changed so many things about our lives, both personally and professionally. Many of us are acclimating to a new normal of remote work and virtual meetings amongst competing priorities like family and finances. One thing that it hasn’t changed, is the importance of doing the right thing.

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The Four Focuses of Work-From-Home Harmony


In these unprecedented times, more employees than ever are working remotely and feeling their way through staying engaged, staying sane, and staying productive.  At True Office Learning, our mission is to help employees learn through technology, so we pulled together thoughts from our learning experts on how to stay engaged as well as some advice from our veteran remote workers to help you adjust to today’s new normal.

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