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The October Regulatory Roundup

If October screams anything to me, it’s changing leaves, sweaters, pumpkins…and Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

The theme this year is, “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart,” with the goal of empowering employees and organizations to own their role in protecting their part of cyberspace. This is a great time to make sure you’re up to date on all things cybersecurity, including information security and data privacy best practices, trends, and legal updates.

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Show Don't Tell: Tips To Make Compliance Training Come Alive

Back when I taught first-year composition, one of the most common pieces of feedback I gave my students was, "Show me, don't tell me." In other words, it wasn't enough for them to simply state their argument; they had to make me believe it.

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Why Companies Should Have A Compliance Training Calendar

Originally published by Training Industry, found here. Article written by Harper Wells

For decades, compliance training has been no more than an annual endeavor at many organizations. Typically, employees attend training once a year and forget about it until a year has passed and they would be reminded to take the course again.

In the 2020s, this strategy doesn’t work. The days of a “paper program” in which an employee participates in some sort of standard training and the organization checks a box that it was completed are over. Today, regulators demand something more interactive and impactful.

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Closing The Disclosure 'Gap' - Why Annual Isn't Enough

Originally published by informed360 on their blog here

Many organizations rely upon an annual certification and disclosure process to prompt employees to disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest. That is a problem.  How are you closing the disclosure “gap”?

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Q3 Course Updates And Releases

True Office Learning makes regular updates to course material, and introduces new courses to our library based on the latest compliance landscape. See below for what's been updated or newly introduced in our course library. 

You can request the full course catalog from a member of our team by filling out the form here

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My Three Big SCCE Takeaways

Oh, the typical post-conference post. This is usually where I give an overview of the biggest trends and best compliance practitioner takeaways. But the biggest question I’ve been asked since I came back was not, “What did you learn?” but, “What was it like?”. What was it like to be at an in-person event while the world is still battling a pandemic?

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Preparing for an IPO? Here’s four compliance must-haves to set you up for success

Congratulations! You’re pre-IPO. You’ve spent countless days, nights, and weekends at your private company gearing up for the big day. It’s such an exciting time – and the level of preparedness needed is instrumental to your company’s success. After all, IPO is just the beginning of a long road of delivering growth and shareholder value. And to boot – you’re now responsible for ensuring compliance at your company.

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