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[Infographic] The Intellectual Property Landscape

We’re all about data at True Office Learning, and that extends to the data generated by the millions of people across a wide range of industries who have taken our courses over the years. The decisions users make in response to our real-world scenarios reveal concrete trends regarding what knowledge employees bring to the course and where the universal gaps are.

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Adapting Compliance Training in the Age of COVID

Carly Chasin, PhD is a manager of Instructional Design for OTS courses here at True Office Learning. She is responsible for overseeing and developing much of the world-class compliance training content that helps hundreds of organizations become more ethical. 

2020 did not go the way I expected.

In my personal life, I adapted in ways big and small. My spare bedroom became a home office, my living room became a makeshift gym, and my twice-postponed 150-person country club wedding became a socially distant, 10-person beach affair.

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New Course Alert: Updated CANRA Requirements

Starting January 1, 2021, The Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) will have new requirements for any employer operating within California. Per the updated act, there are two new groups that require additional training by law. True Office Learning will be releasing an adaptive, Scholar course to help customers meet these requirements for 2021. 

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Download Now: Free Holiday Season Training Videos

2020 has brought unique challenges to nearly every aspect of personal and professional life. This holiday season, employees may face unusual circumstances that they're not expecting or don't know how to navigate, which can put your organization at risk. Whether it's about staying healthy while returning to work, exchanging gifts and entertainment ethically, or how  to minimize safety risks while enjoying holiday traditions.

Any and all of these videos can be downloaded and shared internally for free. 

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'Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable': Q&A With Neha Gupta

Originally published by Thrive Global, as part of their series "5 Steps We Must Take to Truly Create an Inclusive, Representative, and Equitable Society"

It isn’t fun to realize that you or someone you love has biases. It’s not an easy conversation to have with yourself or anyone else to acknowledge those biases and challenge them, but we simply don’t have a choice if we want to build a better world. Self-reflect: What are your biases? What does an equitable society mean for you? Ask the difficult questions: Why do you say that? Would you say the same if the person wasn’t ___? Do you know that you do ___ every time you come across a ___ person? Encourage others to do the same and welcome the uncomfortable conversations. It’s the only way to grow.

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Don't Let Employees Fall Into The Gifts & Entertainment Grey Area


A restaurant gift card was all that separated me from my strait-laced corporate image and an orange jumpsuit...

Okay, I am prone to drama, but jest aside, I was at risk of violating company policy and I didn’t even know it. The incident I am referring to happened prior to my role as a compliance practitioner who knew where to find our corporate policies – and that there may even be one relating to gifts and entertainment (aka business courtesies)!

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What Conduct Risk Has In Common With My Thanksgiving Plans


I received a call from my mother-in-law yesterday. She wanted to know if we were planning to come over for Thanksgiving. Not unusual. But the conversation that followed was so…2020. Upon my affirmation of ‘yes’ (we would never miss her cooking and company!), she proceeded to lay out her COVID-19 friendly Thanksgiving Strategy, centered around our family self-quarantining from now until then if we wished to enter her home:

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