Q3 Course Updates And Releases


True Office Learning makes regular updates to course material, and introduces new courses to our library based on the latest compliance landscape. See below for what's been updated or newly introduced in our course library. 

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Building an Ethical Work Environment

"Building an Ethical Work Environment" teaches employees how to recognize and avoid unethical behavior in the workplace. The course identifies risk factors and rationalizations that are often associated with improper conduct, and provides guidance on navigating ethical dilemmas, specifically through unbiased decision-making and treating others fairly. Lastly, the course explains the procedures for reporting violations of organizational policies or the law.

Complying With HIPAA and Protecting Confidential Employee Information

“Complying With HIPAA and Protecting Confidential Information” provides guidance on how to help prevent HIPAA violations and safeguard confidential client, employee, and organizational information. This course outlines what HIPAA is, what are covered entities under HIPAA, and what data constitutes protected health information (PHI). Employees learn best practices for accessing, handling, and disclosing PHI, as well as procedures for protecting sensitive client, employee, organizational, and personal information. Lastly, the course provides instruction on reporting known or suspected violations of HIPAA or organizational policy.

Ensuring Data Privacy: US Edition + Optional CCPA Content

Emphasize the importance of protecting personal and confidential information, and the best practices for doing so. In this course, employees will learn to identify what constitutes personal and confidential information—including employee, customer, and organizational data—and what behaviors are consistent with respecting individual data privacy rights. This course also presents data privacy best practices with regards to handling portable and electronic devices, managing passwords, and recognizing and addressing phishing attempts. The course covers the data privacy risks associated with working with third parties, and how to mitigate the risks of careless disclosure by taking precautions with their personal conduct. Finally, the course covers how to recognize and respond to data privacy incidents, the importance of prompt reporting in light of breach notification and disclosure requirements, and the protection from retaliation for reporting.


Video Moment: Disability Harassment

This short, high-level video focuses on recognizing and preventing harassment based on disability in the workplace.

Video Moment: Workplace Bullying

This short, high-level video focuses on preventing workplace bullying both at work and in remote work environments.

Video Moment: Workplace Harassment – Non-Retaliation

This short, high-level video focuses on the importance of fostering a work environment where employees feel comfortable reporting harassment and improper workplace conduct without fear of retaliation.

Decision Moment: Responsible Mineral Sourcing

This short microlearning experience focuses on conducting due diligence and identifying red flags to help keep conflict minerals out of organizational products, processes, and supply chains.

Video Moment: Navigating Ethical Dilemmas

This short visualization exercise focuses on recognizing and navigating a situation that presents an ethical dilemma in the workplace.


  • Insider Trading
  • Electronic Communications
  • Workplace Safety
  • Records Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Political Activities in the Workplace
  • Working With Third Parties


  • Ensuring Data Privacy: US Edition
  • Ensuring Data Privacy: Global Edition
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment: US Edition
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment: Global Edition


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