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How EEOC Recommendations Change Your Harassment Training for the Better

Workplace harassment has always been a serious issue facing companies that want to build a safe environment so employees can earn a living without feeling threatened or ashamed. And increasingly, employees are demanding that safe environment.

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9 Tips to Achieve Compliance Training Success

Is your compliance training program simply satisfactory? In today’s high-stakes business environment, satisfactory isn’t enough.

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Things to Consider When Implementing Sexual Harassment Compliance Training Across Multiple States

For companies operating in multiple states, developing and maintaining a compliance program that keeps up with the myriad of requirements often proves tricky. You might be set with a strategy that meets one state’s needs only to realize it’s not enough for another state. Or a new law could throw a wrench into your carefully implemented program.

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New State Specific Requirements For Harassment Training

True Office Learning tracks movement on state-by-state Sexual Harassment training requirements constantly to ensure we can incorporate regulatory changes in to our courses.  Check back often to see any recent developments, and how True Office Learning plans to address them.

Talk to our instructional design experts to make sure your courses meet each state requirement.

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How the Role of Your Compliance Program is Changing

In 2019, the need for a strong compliance program—and empowered professionals to execute that program—is greater than ever. Consider these developments:

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