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Get the Complimentary Micro Course: COVID-19 Preparedness

As the world continues to face the impacts of COVID-19, we want to help our extended community stay healthy and productive in these uncertain times. At True Office Learning we believe in the transformative power of adaptive eLearning. To do our part, we are making our COVID-19 Preparedness course from our Scholar Microlearning library available to all. This microlearning course is complimentary, and you can get instant access by filling out the form below.

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4 Ways to Make Your E-Compliance Training More Successful

Your company conducts compliance training because it’s required, but is your company’s compliance training successful? How do you know?

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E-Learning and Compliance Training: Expectations vs. Reality

The value of corporate e-learning is undisputed, and the market for it is expanding quickly, up to $238 billion worldwide by 2024.

More companies are discovering e-learning as a cost-effective, engaging strategy to teach employees the things they need to know. However, they may hesitate to invest in online compliance training because of misconceptions and false expectations of what e-learning can and cannot do. The reality of e-learning and, specifically, online compliance training paints a bright, exciting picture of what this strategy can accomplish—for your organization and for the employees who experience the training. 

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What Are Ethical and Compliance Concerns of AI?

It’s impossible to ignore the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on our personal and work lives. In fact, 20 percent of C-level executives attest to using machine learning as a core part of their business. 

However, with increasing capabilities comes more exposure to corporate compliance risks. As AI becomes more woven into daily work, it opens new ethical and legal concerns. In order to avoid compliance violations, there are ethical considerations corporations must actively work into their increasingly automated worlds. 

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Tips to Help You Choose a Compliance Training Company

Managing your organization’s compliance training can be a daunting undertaking for compliance professionals and HR personnel already dealing with other priorities on their plates. Designing, implementing, and maintaining training in-house ramps up the difficulty level even more.

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One Billion Data Points and How It Impacts Compliance Benchmarks

True Office Learning just hit a major milestone in our quest to reinvent compliance analytics: We’ve crossed the 1 billion mark of compliance data points in our I.Q. Analytics engine. That’s a big deal for businesses, but if you’re not familiar with advanced data, you might not fully understand how powerful the figure truly is.

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Is Your Current Compliance Training Effective or Simply ‘Checking the Box?’

Many companies provide compliance training because it’s mandatory, but are they really excelling at it? 

Organizations may be content to merely fulfill compliance training requirements that meet laws and guidelines, or perhaps they offer basic learning and believe that’s enough—or all that’s available—for employees to make good compliance decisions. Too often, these businesses find themselves burned by noncompliant employees ...

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