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Connecticut Sexual Harassment Training Updates

In June 2018, Connecticut joined the growing number of states creating new and amending existing laws on sexual harassment training requirements. This trend, which started in tandem with the #MeToo movement, is aimed at increasing awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace and the rights and responsibilities of all employees to ensure a safe environment. The law went into effect October 1, 2019, so employers must ensure their training programs meets provision requirements.

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What Organizations Are Doing—and Not Doing—with Their Compliance Training Data

Compliance training teaches employees best practices, important concepts, and behavioral mandates necessary for their jobs. The data produced from that training may be an afterthought to some organizations—but it should be just as strategic (or moreso) as the actual learning.

Great data—numbers beyond completion rates (which we’ll address shortly)—offers analysis that reveals not only how employees comprehend compliance training, but also how those employees operate in their everyday roles. The numbers show compliance strengths and weaknesses, how people are consuming learning, and where future problems may be imminent.

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How to Explain ROI of Compliance Training

The bottom line hasn’t ceased to be important for modern businesses. If a company spends money, it will want to know if the investment was worthwhile.

Investing in a new technology? Launching a new marketing campaign? Devoting resources to research and development? The people in charge of these efforts and others must be ready to prove a return on investment and how the overall organization benefited before and after the project.

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Building Compliance Training that Resonates with the C-Suite

One of the key elements of successful compliance training is having a unified goal of what training should accomplish. However, a survey by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics showed that compliance and ethics professionals see themselves, their managers, and boards as having different primary goals when it comes to compliance. This suggests that there is much work to be done in getting compliance specialists and the C-suite of a company on the same page. 

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6 Key Ways to Reduce Ethics and Compliance Risk

True Office Learning has offered top-notch compliance training for years, and along the way we’ve gathered data from millions of users’ experiences with our courses. Within this data, we see insights. We see expected results along with surprises. And, we see risk.

For example, in our data privacy module, the average percentage of regulation scenario questions answered correctly is 80. That sounds good at first, but it also means that employees are wrong about data privacy regulation a fifth of the time. From that point of view, it is worth digging deeper into the risk.

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