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PROFILES IN COMPLIANCE: Meet Joshua Stratmann From BMC

Next up in our interview series, Profiles In Compliance, we spoke with Joshua Stratmann, a true compliance futurist, from BMC Software.  Joshua talks us through how he defines success for a compliance program, and how he has evolved training at BMC Software to help all employees live out the organization's core values.

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PROFILES IN COMPLIANCE: Meet Christopher Annand From Cargill

In our new interview series, we will be bringing together compliance futurists to talk about the compliance & ethics landscape, effective training strategies, compliance trends & patterns, and tips on creating a world-class training program. In our first interview, we are thrilled to share our conversation with Christopher Annand from Cargill. Christopher led the work that won Cargill's Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Learning Measurement in 2020. You can read more about Cargill's program here

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Like and Subscribe!: Guiding Social Media Behavior

It's well-documented that a person's behavior outside of work—including online—can impact their employment.

Just ask the PR executive who posted a racist Tweet in 2014 before boarding a flight and was all but fired by the time she landed. Or the nurse who posted a TikTok of herself talking about how she didn't follow COVID-19 safety protocols outside of work and quickly found herself unemployed after the video went viral.

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The Right Kind of Wrong: Crafting Plausible Incorrect Answers In Training

Several years ago, I took a training on workplace safety. To this day, there's a question from that training that's stayed with me:

An unauthorized stranger has entered your workspace. What should you do?

A) Say, "We keep the toxic chemicals over here—follow me!"
B) Spring from your seat and tackle the stranger to the ground.
C) Follow our company's policy.
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2021 Outlook: Five Compliance & Ethics Things To Set Up For Success

Well, we made it to 2021.

I think most of us came into this year just happy we turned the page on 2020, and were cautiously optimistic for something – err, anything – better than the personal and collective hand we were dealt last year. But with the disturbing events that have occurred within the first week of January, the bar is still quite low.

So how do you focus to set up a winning formula for 2021? Here are five things to do right now:

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Oilwoman Magazine Interviews Neha Gupta On Building An Inclusive Workforce

Article originally published by Oilwoman Magazine on 1/12/21. For link to the original article, click here. Interview conducted by Tonae Hamilton, Associate Editor, Oilman Magazine.

The last year has helped shed a major light on the issues existing within our workplaces, including lack of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts on behalf of many businesses, and inequality and bias within the overall workforce. In response to the general public, many companies across various industries have focused on implementing DEI initiatives or have expanded upon their existing efforts.

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Create an Effective Compliance Training Course in 3 Easy Steps

Last weekend, my husband and I put together a sofa table that we recently purchased. When given the option to pay extra to have a professional assemble it for us, we scoffed, "Absolutely not! How hard can it be to put a sofa table together?"

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