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4 Reasons for Having Compliance Policies, Procedures, and Trainings

We get it: Compliance can be expensive. However, noncompliance can be even costlier—on average, 2.71 times more expensive than simply maintaining or meeting requirements. That by itself should be enough to convince companies to prioritize a compliance program that includes policies, procedures, and trainings. 

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5 Factors That Contribute to Compliance Training Fatigue

When employees receive notice that they need to take online compliance training, the negative responses that might ensue are a bit predictable:

  • “Training, again? Didn’t we just do training last year?”
  • “Wake me up when it’s over.”
  • “Yay, I can get paid to play Candy Crush on my phone while I mindlessly click through the training program!”
  • “Compliance training? Whatever …”

Unfortunately, these reactions are rooted in some historical truth: Compliance training can be uninteresting for the rank-and-file employee, especially if it’s not executed well. Here are five undeniable reasons why people resist compliance training, along with ways you can make them love it instead. 

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4 Ways to Make Your E-Compliance Training More Successful

Your company conducts compliance training because it’s required, but is your company’s compliance training successful? How do you know?

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Looking Forward to the Future of Compliance Training

Think about what corporate compliance was like 25 years ago. Adherence to business and financial regulations and guidelines was a primary concern, but formal compliance with IT, diversity, and anti-harassment best practices and recommendations barely existed. After all, email was in infant stages of being a work tool, sexual harassment policies may not have been fully developed, and Wi-Fi would have sounded like a feature for your CD player.

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How Does Your Compliance Program Measure Up? 3 Things to Consider

Today’s regulatory environment is more demanding than ever before. Gone are the days of paper compliance programs and “check the box” requirements. The mere existence of a corporate compliance program is no longer sufficient. Rather, compliance officers must be able to demonstrate that their compliance programs are actually effective in practice. But how can one demonstrate effectiveness? 

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