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How Does Your Compliance Program Measure Up? 3 Things to Consider

Today’s regulatory environment is more demanding than ever before. Gone are the days of paper compliance programs and “check the box” requirements. The mere existence of a corporate compliance program is no longer sufficient. Rather, compliance officers must be able to demonstrate that their compliance programs are actually effective in practice. But how can one demonstrate effectiveness? 

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3 Things Every Compliance Officer Should Understand About E-Learning

Compliance officers are tasked with multiple competing priorities, not least of which is the overall management of an organization’s compliance program. Training of employees and third parties is an essential element of any corporate compliance program and a critical component of the compliance officer’s job. 

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What Are Ethical and Compliance Concerns of AI?

It’s impossible to ignore the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on our personal and work lives. In fact, 20 percent of C-level executives attest to using machine learning as a core part of their business. 

However, with increasing capabilities comes more exposure to corporate compliance risks. As AI becomes more woven into daily work, it opens new ethical and legal concerns. In order to avoid compliance violations, there are ethical considerations corporations must actively work into their increasingly automated worlds. 

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The Secret to Protecting Trade Secrets

Survey after survey has shown that company insiders, such as employees or vendors, can pose a significant risk to a company’s ability to protect its trade secrets—whether the insider acts with or without malicious intent—the question for many companies becomes: what should I do to minimize this risk?

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9 Tips to Achieve Compliance Training Success

Is your compliance training program simply satisfactory? In today’s high-stakes business environment, satisfactory isn’t enough.

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