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Why a Culture of Compliance Starts from the Top Down: The C-Suite’s Role

What are the characteristics of an organizational culture of compliance? Does it feature a strong commitment to compliance principles? Adequate budget and resources that support those principles? Recognition of and reward for compliant behavior? Accountability and consequences? Employees who feel inspired to act compliantly and safe to report violations?

A culture of compliance includes all these strengths, cemented by leadership fully committed to the ideals of ethics in action. When the C-suite embraces compliance, employees follow. When leaders merely accept compliance as something they “have to do,” employees may adopt the same apathy and put the business at risk.

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How to Keep Up with Always-Changing Regulatory Guidelines

In addition to the day-to-day obligations that are paramount to running a business, employers must comply with regulatory requirements addressing such issues as anti-corruption, antitrust, data privacy, cybersecurity, ethics, and financial crimes. Keeping abreast of new laws and the constantly evolving regulatory environment can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned corporate compliance professional. However, being caught in violation of any regulatory obligations can lead to costly fines and lawsuits for businesses. 

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4 Reasons for Having Compliance Policies, Procedures, and Trainings

We get it: Compliance can be expensive. However, noncompliance can be even costlier—on average, 2.71 times more expensive than simply maintaining or meeting requirements. That by itself should be enough to convince companies to prioritize a compliance program that includes policies, procedures, and trainings. 

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Marriott Data Breach: What Corporate Compliance Personnel Can Learn

Computers and the internet revolutionized how companies do business. Organizations of all sizes and from any location are able to extend their reach to new and larger markets and to work more efficiently by using computer-based tools. But as with every valuable tool, not using it properly and securely can lead to disaster. 

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Top 6 Takeaways from the 18th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute 2019

Every year, SCCE brings together the best and brightest from across the compliance and ethics world for the Compliance & Ethics Institute. This year was jam packed with sessions, keynotes, conversations, and insight…and we’ve boiled down our six key takeaways and hot topics from the meeting.

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