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E-Learning and Compliance Training: Expectations vs. Reality

The value of corporate e-learning is undisputed, and the market for it is expanding quickly, up to $238 billion worldwide by 2024.

More companies are discovering e-learning as a cost-effective, engaging strategy to teach employees the things they need to know. However, they may hesitate to invest in online compliance training because of misconceptions and false expectations of what e-learning can and cannot do. The reality of e-learning and, specifically, online compliance training paints a bright, exciting picture of what this strategy can accomplish—for your organization and for the employees who experience the training. 

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3 Things Every Compliance Officer Should Understand About E-Learning

Compliance officers are tasked with multiple competing priorities, not least of which is the overall management of an organization’s compliance program. Training of employees and third parties is an essential element of any corporate compliance program and a critical component of the compliance officer’s job. 

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The DOJ's New Guidance on Evaluating Antitrust Compliance Programs

On July 11, 2019 the Antitrust Division of the DOJ published a document for prosecutors to use when evaluating compliance programs in criminal antitrust investigations. Although this new publication is specific to antitrust matters, it serves a purpose similar to the guidance the DOJ revised in April 2019 for criminal matters. The guidance identifies elements of an effective compliance program and offers questions in each area to focus a prosecutor's analysis.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Compliance Training Analytics

Compliance training teaches users key best practices and ethics while, ideally, ingraining concepts so that employees will know the right decision to make when a compliance situation arises. Yet a different sort of intelligence emerges from great training: data and advanced analytics.

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5 Innovative Benefits of Modern Online Compliance Training

Online compliance training exists for a simple reason: to deliver compliance principles to employees efficiently so that they have the knowledge they need to make good decisions long after the training ends. Most organizations offer some form of compliance eLearning..., deploying training, and calling it a day—hoping that the content employees learn is enough to help them make good decisions until next year’s training.

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