[Infographic] Workplace Harassment: Understand the Numbers


How frequent are workplace harassment incidents? With the recent uptick in publicly disclosed workplace harassment problems, it's essential for you to understand the facts and know how to prepare your office. In the infographic below, you'll discover how common these issues are in organizations and the questions you'll need to ask yourself to prevent them from arising in your workplace. Learn how to unlock behavioral data that can help you train employees more effectively and protect your organization.

Workplace Harassment Statistics

  • In 2016, US workplaces paid almost $500 million to victims of discrimination
  • Public awareness of sexual harassment is at an all-time high with 78% of women and 71% of men believing at least some sexual harassment exists in the workplace
  • 34% of employees can't identify behaviors that create a hostile environment
  • 32% of employees don't know that jokes can be a form of harassment
  • ... and much more found in the infographic below!


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