At True Office Learning, we believe that successful compliance programs function as an ecosystem, with data informing how each part of that system interacts with the next. Our innovative courses give leaders insight into where behaviors need to change in the organization, and Broadcat helps compliance teams fill in those gaps and build a culture of compliance by connecting training to every day work through effective, easy to use tools.

Meet Employees where they are.

Employees are busy, distracted, and overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks. When faced with situations leading to either compliant or non-compliant behaviors, they too often make the wrong call: not because they want to violate policies, but because they rationalize in the moment.bcat sample

Broadcat targets high-risk behavior by making compliance a part of your management and work culture. Their job aids become a continual part of a natural discussion, and help employees understand how to act situation by situation, and how to be their most ethical and compliant selves.

You might know these job aids as "precommitment devices" or "accountability debiasing tools". But whatever you call them, your teams will see them as manager-led reminders on "how and why to do the right thing", in a way that's personalized to employee roles and functions.

For instance, the job aid at the right helps sales professionals think through compliance issues before and during deal closing. It covers anti-corruption, competitive information, trade sanctions and more in one simple document.

How It works. 

Compliance training is a big investment, both from the compliance team and employees, and Broadcat’s communication toolkits pick up where online training leaves off to help you maximize learning and truly deliver on the maxim of “building a culture of compliance”. Every toolkit contains custom job aids like checklists, infographics, flowcharts, leadership talk tracks and more. These resources are help empower leadership to “meet employees where they are” to reinforce and build on every compliance course, and develop a manager-led culture of compliance that spreads company-wide. Their work was recently described as a "behavioral compliance best practice" in the Temple Law Review.

The Broadcat job aid resources come as bundled kits ready to be customized for your company, covering the core compliance curriculum: anti-corruption, workplace harassment, code of conduct, cybersecurity and more.

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More About broadcat.

Broadcat resources are in the hands of over two million employees across the globe. Their job aids are created by a team of real experts in compliance design: from ex-in-house legal and compliance professionals, to multidisciplinary designers who think about compliance all day.

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