True Office Learning’s Micro Learning solution allows organizations to address key concepts and risk areas in a targeted and effective way.

The Micro Learning Library packages up the essential compliance risk areas, and makes them each available to you out of the box, with no course development required on your end. 

Choose from short, engaging videos, immersive situation-based microlearnings, and fast-paced “elevator pitch” experiences. Our micro “moments” range from 30 seconds to seven minutes long, each designed to be the most effective reinforcement for learners that need individualized coaching and support.



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target strategically

Use the Micro Learning library to train those in specialized job functions so that you don't need to roll out an entire, full length course, saving those groups from unnecessary training hours. 

Reinforce concepts

The data from Scholar training and I.Q. can be used to segment your audience - giving you the right insight to target your micro learning to individuals that need reinforcement. 

implement easier

All Coach Micro Learning is out-of-the-box, meaning you and your team don't have to spend time developing the course work. The library now includes over 40 essential compliance topics. 



Available Micro Learning Types:

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Video Moments

True Office Learning videos that
address specific compliance risk areas
in a 30 second – 1 minute format.

Topic Areas Include: 
(Across 10 available assets) 

· Conflicts of Interest
· Gifts and Entertainment
· Diversity and Inclusion
· Records Management
· Electronic Communication
· Workplace Safety
· Using Company Assets
· Financial Crimes
· Practical Ethics
· Anti-Money Laundering


This category also includes our Step Up by Gary Turk video series!


Decision Moments

True Office Learning’s signature
scenario based learning in 3-7 minute
micro courses where learners work
through immersive, decision-based

Topic Areas Include: 
(Across 25 available assets) 

· Anti-Corruption
· Cybersecurity
· Workplace Harassment
· Conflicts of Interest
· Business Courtesies
· Reporting
· Insider Trading
· Antitrust
· Intellectual Property
· Social Media
· Data Privacy
· Ethical Conduct
· Unconscious Bias
· Bystander Intervention


Lightning Moments

An exciting new concept where
topic areas are presented as a quick
“elevator pitch” in two sentences
or less, then learners work through
one activity with an alternate if they answer correctly. 

Topic Areas Include: 
(Across 5 available assets)  

  • Workplace Harassment
    • Jokes and Comments
    • Who Can Be a Harasser
  • Sexual Harassment
    • Unwelcome Conduct
    • Sexual Harassment versus
    • Common Courtesies
  • Conflicts of Interest
    • Hiring or Supervising Family
      Members and Friends





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