Operationalizing Compliance Tools

The True Office Learning ecosystem offers a suite of reinforcement tools that keep learning going even after training ends. Start with insight from I.Q. Analytics and Compass Diagnostic to uncover your weak spots, then use any or all of the below solutions to fill in any gaps, and help employees put learning into practice, 

Operationalizing your program, and building your culture of compliance has never been easier. 

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READY-TO-USE compliance Job Aids & toolkits.

Broadcat makes it possible to easily and effectively operationalize compliance by "meeting employees where they are". 

Through job aids like leadership talking points, topic support materials, checklists personalized to each employee's role, and more, Broadcat content reinforces topics that actually relate to the employees' day to day tasks. This makes the learning much easier to apply in practice, and minimizes your risk of any compliance and ethics. missteps. 

Read more about the Broadcat and True Office Learning partnership here.


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Real Biz Shorts

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Quick, Funny, & Relatable Training Videos.

We've partnered with the famous Second City in Chicago to bring our clients a library of over 150 brief, relatable, and funny (not work funny, but actually funny) training videos to support their compliance and ethics messages. 

Over 30% of Fortune 1000 companies have used Real Biz Shorts to help their employees more easily understand and relate to topics like conflicts of interest, corruption, fraud, information security, workplace harassment and a lot more.

Real Biz Shorts make your compliance message memorable. And so far that's helped millions of learners be their most ethical and compliant selves. 


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Scholar Micro

Reinforce. Reengage. Retarget. 

The learning technology behind Scholar training is used for these short micro-learning events that protect you from any areas of risk or falling retention. 

  • Use Scholar Micro to target specific segments in your organization where knowledge gaps exist by using the data from your full Scholar training

  • Use Micro-learning in training off-years to refresh employees on specific topic areas

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Scholar Compass


The adaptive diagnostic tool.

Scholar Compass quickly measures employee understanding of best practices before or after you train, helping you plan your program in a targeted and risk-reducing way. 

Like with all Scholar products, behavioral data is captured, and custom reports allow you to assess your team's knowledge like never before. 

Use it to introduce a new training program, or strengthen an existing one - many clients use Scholar Compass as a primer before launching a full Scholar Course. 


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