Training Material

(Complimentary Course) COVID-19 Preparedness - A 3-4-minute microlearning experience that helps employees maximize their effectiveness in delivering on commitments to clients and each other safely and in alignment with company values during the COVID crisis. 

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(Complimentary Course) Working Effectively Through COVID-19 - a 3-4-minute microlearning experience that helps employees adjust to changes to the way their organization conducts business during COVID-19. In addition to receiving guidance on navigating some of the challenges associated with working remotely, learners will also practice responding to some common business scenarios that can arise as a result of COVID-19. 

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Successfully Navigating COVID-19 Workplace Changes Course Bundle - Ensures that you are well positioned to create an effective, rapidly customizable training solution to inform your employees about organizational changes and ready them for the transition back into the workplace.

The bundle includes:

    • Best practices adaptive content: Covering safety practices, new policies, avoiding key conduct risks and guidance for managers on leading by example
    • Rapid self-editing through Poet Editor: No two businesses are the same. Poet will let you customize this course to your unique company circumstances and return to work plans and policies
    • Trackable Deployment: Launch the course through your LMS to your entire employee population

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Insights & Planning

[Article] Rearchitecting for the New Compliance Risk Paradigm - True Office Learning CEO, Neha Gupta, outlines four specific strategies to implement to navigate this new risk landscape following COVID-19. 

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[Blog] Compliance After COVID: Reassessing Your Risk Landscape - Director of Compliance Strategy & Insights at True Office Learning walks you through specific questions to ask yourself around certain compliance elements to ensure a proactive approach around COVID-related risk management. 

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[Blog] An Open Letter to my Compliance Colleagues - Director of Compliance Strategy & Insights at True Office Learning discusses the critical role compliance teams play in managing the COVID-19 crisis, and includes resources on doing so more effectively

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Implementation Guidance

[Webinar] Humanizing Compliance - As you focus your efforts on returning to the workplace and thinking through what your long-term compliance program changes might be, you'll need to pivot tone and amplify the humanity behind your messaging. Watch our recent webinar with special guest, award-winning filmmaker Gary Turk to learn more about injecting emotion and feeling to help employees connect better with your program. 

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[Webinar] Using Microlearning Effectively - In addition to the two complimentary courses, and comprehensive course to help you communicate changes around returning to the workplace, you might have your own schedule of microlearning efforts ready to be deployed. Listen to the webinar below to hear from True Office Learning CEO, Neha Gupta about things you need to consider as you build out these microlearning strategies. 

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