The Human Element

Over 40% of employee actions pertaining to social media cyber attacks expose the company to risk and more than half of employees do not understand the remote working actions that expose the company to cyber risk. But how does your company stack up? It’s no surprise employees are one of the primary causes of data breaches, through mistakes or malicious intent.

When the board asks what measures are in place to address the human risk of cyber security in your organization, what will you tell them?

From employee training to executive level conversations, cyber security touches every aspect of an organization. True Office Learning solutions equip companies with actionable data needed to measure cyber knowledge, address and remediate risk areas to build a culture of cyber awareness.

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Types of Breach
48 Malicious Attacks
27 Human Error
25 System Glitch


Identify Internal risks

Boards are focused on people risk. Are you?

The volume of cyber-related incidents has increased significantly, prompting boards to take a more proactive role in understanding technology risks, as well as internal risks. The reality is, companies aren’t equipped with the tools to measure and mitigate the people risk.

It’s imperative for organizations to understand how employees are managing their personal conduct, and understanding their role in internal controls and incident response to reduce the risk of employee error.

People Risk
36 Incident Response
36 Internal Controls
27 Personal Conduct


The Board is asking questions. Are you prepared to answer?

What governace processes exist
What Has Been our most Significant Attack
What are we doing to ensure
What additional security investments could we make


Harness the Power of data

Assess employee cyber-knowledge as part of a broader cyber security risk assessment

The SEC is looking at new regulations to impose obligations on public companies to disclose cyber threats and risks and look to disclosure when there is a breach.

IT and Compliance Leaders must be armed with a complete understanding of their cyber risk profile. Leading organizations assess employee understanding of their role in cybersecurity and layer those insights with technology assessments to have informed, data driven discussions with the board, C-Suite… and employees.

True Office Learning's Scholar for Cybersecurity is an industry-leading solution that assesses and benchmarks organizational proficiency against cross-industry peers.

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Build A Culture Of Cyber-Vigilance

Employee cyber-knowledge and readiness is a critical aspect of your overall program

How do organizations manage toward a culture of cyber-savviness? They invest in sophisticated technology, but more importantly, they equip employees with the tools and information to exercise cyber vigilance.

Continuous monitoring, training and communication are key to reducing the chance for human error.

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