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Webinar | Busting E-Learning Myths: Separating Effective Training From Trends

Many e-learning trends provide to deliver cutting-edge capabilities that can engage learners and embed knowledge like never before. But are these trends really fads? Or are these trends going to drive long-term learning value…for your learners and your business?

Myth 1: Does the learning logic make sense?
Myth 2: Data trove or overload?
Myth 3: Burst learning or bust?
Myth 4: Is virtual reality in e-learning a reality?
Myth 5: Looking good or feeling better?

Join Neha Gupta, CEO of True Office Learning, as she unravels these five common e-learning trends to get to the key drivers of learning engagement, knowledge retention, and ROI.

This session, hosted by Chief Learning Officer, will:

  • Identify the difference between buzzwords and meaningful technology capabilities
  • Share how the modernization of the learning function can enhance learning efficacy
  • Discuss how moving from data to insight can help organizations truly measure ROI