What do you mean by ‘learning ecosystem’?
The products we offer work together to provide an ultimate learning experience, for both the company and employees. By supporting you at every stage in your training journey, we help you minimize risk, and maximize ethical and compliant behavior.   Diagnostics uncover your training gaps, reinforcement tools help employees retain, and apply what they’ve learned, and the right analytics identify patterns in behavior, risk, and inform your next training strategies.  Through our products, we follow the MAP process (measure, adapt, predict) cyclically to keep you in a constant state of compliance.
What is adaptive training?
Adaptive training means that our courses evolve to each learner’s knowledge and ability as training unfolds. Our adaptive, active training engages learners better through a ‘learn by doing’ approach, and sets every employee on a path to 100% proficiency by the end of the course. Although you might hear other platforms describing their training this way, we’re the only true adaptive compliance training software on the market.
Can I customize my courses?
Yes. We know that your courses are an extension of your brand, so in response we built the Poet Editing platform to make personalizing your courses easier than ever. 
What kind of analytics do you provide?
As a major part of the MAP process (see “What do you mean by product ecosystem?” above) our analytics are behaviorally deeper than any compliance platform, or LMS, on the market. We go beyond ‘check the box’ metrics to bring you risk-predicting and strategy-defining data that outlines knowledge gaps, trends, and patterns throughout your company. Our platform makes it easy for you to slice and dice and segment your data, and it’s all displayed in a clean analytics dashboard to keep your insights as rich as possible.
What are the formats of your training?
We use active learning techniques throughout our courses to keep learners engaged. Gamified, learn-by-doing exercises that adapt to each learner’s knowledge and skillset maximize understanding, retention, and callback ability so the new knowledge can later be simply applied by the employee. Learn more about our training by clicking here.
Do you offer reinforcement or communication toolkits?
Yes. We have several tools to pick up where your training leaves off. Whether you’re looking for a library of training videos, job aids, culture-building tools, or micro courses, we cover your compliance program year-round, across dozens of topics. Read more about these tools here. 

pricing & Packages

How does your pricing work?
Our pricing is based on the number of employees you want to train, the number of course and topic areas you want to cover, and LMS needs. As part of the complete training ecosystem, we also offer operationalization tools, add ons, and more to help you develop a great program. Filling out this form will give us a better sense of your training needs, and we’ll then be able to work on a custom quote for you.
What other solutions do you offer besides full-length compliance courses?

We have a solution for every stage in the compliance training journey. From full length, expert-designed courses, diagnostics and micro courses, to training reinforcements and culture-of-compliance toolkits, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our powerful operationalization tools by reading about them here

What are the package options?
We bundle our products to fit into the training ecosystem we build custom to you and your goals. Tell us more about your plans by booking a demo, and we will cover the solutions that best match your needs.

working with us

Who writes your content / courses? Will I need to update / refresh course material myself?
You will not need to update/refresh your courses yourself. Whether off-the-shelf or custom content, we have a team of legal experts and instructional designers to design all of our courses from scratch, in an engaging and thoughtful way. Staying on the pulse of any adjustments or updates to laws, they refresh whatever course material needs amending. You will not need to worry about making changes to your courses based on any legal updates.
Do you help my team understand the analytics provided?
Yes. Your relationship manager will arrange quarterly deep-dive sessions so you can get the most out of your analytics: spot patterns and trends, explore risk areas and weaknesses, and cover informed training strategies for future programs. 


What LMS do you work with?
Scholar courses are LMS-agnostic. You can easily integrate with your current LMS, or work with Learn IO, our custom-build LMS.  Read more about the super-intuitive and powerful Learn I.O. here.
What LMS data comes out of Learn IO?

Our data goes beyond 'completions' and 'quiz data'. Learn IO pairs with the Scholar and I.Q. platforms to generate behavioral data that goes deeper than any other LMS available. 

Use this data to spot trends, uncover risks, be proactive and predictive, and more. 

Learn more about data and analytics here


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