What’s your company's I.Q.?

Prove Training R.O.I. like never before


Extract behavior intelligence from training to drive results. Our Scholar solutions are built for learners –and leaders. Our learn-by-doing methodology allows for rich, actionable insights to flow into I.Q., your own analytics portal.

Within the I.Q. portal, you are able to view interactive dashboards on your organization's performance and behavior. Where are your employees excelling? Where are their blind spots, and what’s driving their decisions?

You can also slice and dice your data within the I.Q. portal to see how different segments of your employee population are performing: compare the Sales team in Germany to the Sales team in the US, or Managers in Asia to Individual Contributors in South America, or benchmark all functions against each other and the company performance.

The I.Q. portal is built for you… to maximize performance and prove training ROI.


How It Works


Measure ROI


Inform Decisions


Prove Effectiveness


Benchmark Performance


Uncover Behavior Trends


Generate Custom Reports


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Webinar Replay  | The Compliance Data Machine

Webinar Replay | The Compliance Data Machine

Download  | Sample I.Q. Reports

Download | Sample I.Q. Reports

How It Works: Scholar to I.Q.

How It Works: Scholar to I.Q.