What’s your company's I.Q.?

Meaningful Metrics that Drive Organizational Insight like never before


You can't manage what you can't measure, so why don't more organizations measure and correlate employee behavior to risks? It's time to handle people risk the same way you handle the rest of your business decisions...with data.

Extract behavior intelligence from training to drive results. Our Scholar solutions are built for learner and leaders. We extract behavioral analytics from everyday training that can be layered with other data to help you create a comprehensive risk scorecard for your organization.

I.Q. Analytics takes the guesswork out of employee risk. How?

  • Resource Allocation: use data to determine where to invest resources

  • Quantitative Evolution: behavioral analytics help prove sufficiency and efficacy

  • Reputational Protection: tie behavior indicators to business outcomes

  • Program Planning: personalize training programs year-over-year

  • Cost Savings: reduce seat time and organizational investment


Measure ROI


Inform Decisions


Prove Effectiveness


Benchmark Performance


Uncover Behavior Trends


Generate Custom Reports


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Infographic  | Anti-Corruption: Understand the Numbers

Infographic | Anti-Corruption: Understand the Numbers

Download  | Sample I.Q. Reports

Download | Sample I.Q. Reports

How It Works: Scholar to I.Q.

How It Works: Scholar to I.Q.