All True Office Learning courses use the Scholar technology – a truly adaptive, scenario-based training software. Scholar tailors the content of each course to the individual learner based on his or her demonstration of knowledge and decision-making throughout the learning experience.

By using Scholar, our clients have saved up to 50% in seat time, and it has helped over 12 million learners achieve 100% topic mastery.


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Easy-To-Implement Compliance Training Bundles

Our training solutions for mid-sized companies are packaged into four easy-to-implement bundles that span the critical Compliance Essentials.  Choose the best package for your company, pair with the industry-leading Learn I.O. LMS, and your employees will be ready to start training is as little as 7 business days.

The Bundles:


See Full Bundle See Full Bundle See Full Bundle See Full Bundle




One of a kind training add-ons

Working with True Office Learning means access to some of the most unique, effective reinforcement add-ons in the industry.

Our training philosophy is that compliance training needs to becomes humanized. Whether it’s making people laugh through our Netflix-like compliance training sitcom, or adding emotion to your program through powerful, spoken-word stories that bolster your training message, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about humanizing your program with our suite of reinforcement tools.



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