Poet gives you the power to make your own training magic through an intuitive, flexible self-authoring interface. Build Scholar courses that your learners want to take and produce behavior data that helps drive business decisions and outcomes.

Poet Authoring not only gives you the power to be creative, but ensures your courses are operationally flawless, learning theory-aligned, and data enabled. 

Modify Existing<br>Scholar Courses

Modify Existing
Scholar Courses

Build New Scholar Courses<br>from Scratch

Build New Scholar Courses
from Scratch

Intuitive Interface for Any User

Intuitive Interface for Any User

Co-create<br>with Your Team

with Your Team

Guidance and Tips<br>for Best Practices

Guidance and Tips
for Best Practices

Launch Data-Enabled Courses Any Time

Launch Data-Enabled Courses Any Time

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