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Uncover risks. Drive strategy. Be Predictive.

I.Q. Analytics sets us apart from every compliance training solution on the market. For each Scholar course, for every learner, I.Q. analyzes training data points and transforms them into predictive insights through the easy-to-use analytics dashboard.

The data captured by I.Q. goes far beyond the usual "completions and quizzes" - it is powerful enough to help you:

         check    Pinpoint and target your company's biggest risks

          check     Uncover blind spots and microcultures

         check    Measure the ROI of your programs

         check     Benchmark performance, and spot behavioral trends

           check     Predict and prevent incidents

Your path to predictive compliance starts with I.Q. Analytics.



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Revolutionize Your Reporting

I.Q. makes it easy to build powerfully persuasive, insightful reports for any stakeholder. Prove your training proficiency and ROI to the CEO, present on risks targeted and addressed to the board, reassure shareholders that compliance and ethics are among your highest priorities. I.Q. gives you the tools to move from 'cost center' to strategic driver.


Stop Risk in Its Tracks

I.Q. uncovers your risk areas by analyzing behavioral data for every Scholar course. Once you pinpoint your blind spots, weak areas, and behavioral trends, you can target your employees (or specific segments of your audience) with courses and programs based on where you need the most training and support. Request a sample I.Q. Risk Scorecard below to see the types of risk data available. 

Request the I.Q. Risk Scorecard 


How It Works

Measure ROI

Measure ROI


Inform Decisions

Prove Effectiveness

Prove Effectiveness

Benchmark Performance

Benchmark Performance

Uncover Behavior Trends

Uncover Behavior Trends

Generate Custom Reports

Generate Custom Reports


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