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Your training program is an extension of your company culture and personality. That’s why we made it easy to write your own story. Poet is an intuitive and flexible customization experience that lets you personalize Scholar's content, imagery, and multimedia, even supporting 65+ translations and full I.Q. Analytics capabilities.

Make your Scholar courses look and feel like your own... Ready to go live instantly.

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Quickly update your courses through an easy online portal - nothing to install and absolutely no coding. 
Work in the cloud from anywhere at any time, or import offline edits from a Word document.

Preview your changes, download your SCORM package, and you're ready to go live instantly.


Translate your courses into 65+ languages, retain responsiveness, and comply with ADA Requirements.


Write your story with all the adaptive power of Scholar, and analytical power of I.Q. 

Ready to Get Your Poet Demo?

Key Poet Features

Add Variety

Add Variety
Personalize your courses: change activities and scenarios or even supporting video and slides.

Customize Content

Customize Content
Edit your course text and images, swap or add media, link your Policies, and preview changes live.

Import/Export Scripts

Import/Export Scripts
Download a Word script to share with your team , then import their revisions back in with one click.

Adjust Course Settings

Adjust Course Settings
Access configurable layouts, color themes, and Scholar’s adaptive learning features.

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