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Move from hindsight compliance to predictive compliance with Scholar, the most advanced and efficient training platform on the market. Scholar is the only compliance training platform available with truly adaptive courses - adjusting to every learner's unique knowledge and ability as each training unfolds. 

Through Scholar's fully adaptive courses, personalized coaching and feedback, active learning sessions, and learn-by-doing exercises, training is done faster (by up to 50%), and 100% mastery is reached by every employee.

Scholar helps companies return thousands of productive revenue-generating hours back into the business.

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How Scholar Works



Scholar Training is driven by a rich course catalog

Whether custom or off-the-shelf, our full library of compliance topics will help you build your curriculum.

Financial Crimes
Code of Conduct
Competition / Anti-Trust

Data Privacy
Conflicts of Interest
Fraud Awareness
Insider Trading
Intellectual Property
Records Management
... And Many More

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learners around the globe 
hours in seat time saved
$$ in productivity returned

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The Scholar Ecosystem

A Scholar product for every stage in Your compliance training journey. 


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Scholar: Full length, adaptive courses designed to be more engaging through an active, ‘learn-by-doing’ training approach. Reduces seat time by up to 50%. *ADA Compliant, 65+ Translations.

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Scholar Micro: Targeted and interactive microlearning experiences. Reinforce material based on your I.Q. analytics and insights, specific risks, low-performing areas, company needs, and more. 

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I.Q. Analytics:  Behavioral data behind Scholar helps you be predictive, and guides you on future training strategies. Identify trends, target your risks and weak spots, segment performance and more.

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Better Retention through Learn-By-Doing Training

Better Retention through Learn-By-Doing Training

Decreased Seat Time with Adaptive Courses

Decreased Seat Time with Adaptive Courses

Predictive Insight and Behavioral Data

Predictive Insight and Behavioral Data

Expert-Designed Courses, Regular Course Updates

Expert-Designed Courses, Regular Course Updates

50% Quicker Course Development

50% Quicker Course Development

Integrates easily with any LMS

Integrates easily with any LMS


Key Features

Connect to the Poet course editing platform to make each Scholar course look and feel like your own.

Over 65
Translations Available


Make training available to employees around the globe by translating to over 65 different languages.

and ADA Compliant

Scholar meets all ADA requirements, and its courses are designed to be responsive and accessible to all employees, on any device.



Scholar courses feed the I.Q. Analytics portal with predictive insight and strategy-driving data points.

How much could scholar save you?


Scholar's adaptive learning technology saves our clients an average of 20% (and up to 50%) in seat time per employee, per course. Estimate your cost savings here...


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