Be risk wise.

deliver more than compliance training.

deliver learning.


Scholar for Compliance (formerly Pulse) is the only fully adaptive, analytics rich compliance training solution aligned to both learner needs and business needs. Tailor every learning experience based on who the learner is and how they perform while capturing behavioral intelligence in I.Q., your own analytics portal.

With modular off-the shelf courses covering over 22 risk areas, custom courses, a library of RealBiz Shorts videos, and diagnostic tools we bring learning science and analytics together to produce a truly strategic training program that ensures each learner attains 100% proficiency. 

For the first time, take advantage of insights from the world’s largest compliance performance benchmarking database when using off-the-shelf solutions.

Protect your organization from conduct violations, regulatory risk, and reputational damage with Scholar for Compliance. 


Interactive, Learn-By-Doing Activities

Adaptive Technology that Decreases Seat Time


Analytics that Produce Actionable Insights


Designed to Achieve 100% Proficiency


Built to Measure and Benchmark Employee Behavior


Deploy Through Any Existing LMS


How It Works


RealBiz Shorts

We notice, share, and retain information far better through humor. When executives ask how to impact compliance learning and corporate culture in a unique and memorable way, we show them RealBiz Shorts. In partnership with the world's most famous improv comedy institution – The Second City – and global thought leaders, we leverage the improv philosophy of co-creation to develop short, funny, shareable content that highlights the best ways to tackle critical ethics and compliance challenges.

How Do RealBiz Shorts Work?

It's simple: add an enterprise-wide, subscription-based library of RealBiz Shorts videos to your existing training programs. With more than 85 videos aligned with today's most pressing compliance topics, simply select a video, download it and share it! From embedding videos directly in your compliance training to reinforcing key concepts via e-mail or newsletter, use RealBiz Shorts where employees can access them seamlessly from any device.


    RealBiz Shorts also contain specialized
    libraries for the following industries:

    • Pharma
    • Medical Device
    • Oil, Gas, & Pipeline
    • Electric & Utility

    RealBiz Shorts cover these critical
    compliance topics:

    • Conflict of Interest
    • Corruption & Bribery
    • Culture of Compliance
    • Environmental Health & Safety
    • Information Security & Privacy
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • Workplace Behavior
    • And more...

    Scholar Diagnostic


    Scholar Diagnostic is a gamified, engaging diagnostic that rapidly tests employee’s knowledge in a variety of areas. We offer both custom and off-the-shelf Scholar Diagnostic products. Click below to experience the technology and see if you can beat the highest score!


    Diagnose Knowledge Gaps

    Scholar Diagnostic is designed with the learner in mind. With advanced learning and game mechanics, Scholar Diagnostic begins by challenging the user to beat the current high score. The diagnostic ensures a unique user experience for your employees and is completed in less than 5 minutes.

    • Diagnose knowledge gaps with an immersive five minute tool featuring engaging activities
    • Emphasize the importance of a specific topic and drive behavioral and cultural change
    • Analyze performance with data-driven insights that identify knowledge gaps and inform strategic training plans

    Identify Risks

    Many companies fail to protect themselves against employee misconduct because they can’t correctly assess knowledge gaps that expose the organization to risk. That's where our revolutionary Scholar Diagnostic product comes in. It generates diagnostic data that helps you:

    • Assess overall company performance and key trends
    • Compare against best practices and the True Office Learning benchmark
    • Pinpoint potential hot-spots on specific risk areas and identify strengths

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