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Scholar is the only fully adaptive, analytics-rich learning solution aligned to both learner needs and business needs. Tailor every learner's experience based on who they are and how they perform, all while capturing behavioral intelligence. With off-the-shelf courses, rapid custom course development, and diagnostic tools, we combine learning science with data to create strategic training that meets any business objective.

Whether to meet regulatory needs, launch a product, assess candidates, develop talent, re-engineer processes, or handle change management, Scholar will help your employees and your business perform better.



How much could Scholar save you?


Scholar's adaptive learning technology saves our clients an average of 20% (and up to 50%) in seat time per employee, per course. Estimate your cost savings here...


How It Works


Increase Retention through Learn-By-Doing Activities


Decrease Seat Time
with Adaptive Learning Tech


Get Real Insights from Analytics & Benchmarking


Achieve 100% Proficiency with Expert-Designed Courses


Spend 50% Less Time
on Course Development


Deploy through
 Any Existing LMS


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