In today's world, good Compliance teams recognize that they aren't training an organization, they're training human beings. If we tap into how human beings learn and retain information, our compliance programs can be exponentially more effective.

Step Up by Gary Turk is an innovative video series that is designed to communicate your risk and compliance messages in a lasting, powerful way. Through emotionally charged spoken-word scripts, and custom music and film, Gary creates unique, memorable learning experiences for employees.

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engage across
risk area

True Office Learning teamed up with
Gary Turk to produce videos across 5
essential compliance risk areas.

appeal to emotion

This series of videos is designed to help you connect with employees like never before. By communicating through emotional impact and consequence, employees will see compliance in a different light.

train with content they'll love

Gary’s videos have amassed hundreds
of millions of views and shares online,
proving the real connection viewers
have with his content. 



About Gary Turk

Gary Turk is an award-winning spoken word storyteller whose videos have attracted over 600 million views worldwide.

Gary has performed his spoken word live to over 100,000 people on 5 continents, and can regularly be found giving talks, workshops & performances at schools, universities, and corporate events all around the world.

‘A profound, emotional masterpiece’ – TEDx

‘Excellent, brilliant, factual and emotional’ – The Independent

Watch "Look Up", the most-watched spoken word video on YouTube



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