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Scholar Courses

Audio/Video playback is skipping or laggy

This is generally due to a poor internet connection. For the best experience, avoid downloading other files or checking e-mail while taking a course, as other internet-related apps can interrupt the stream of data or cause an erratic experience.

If the issue persists, contact your local system administrator or desktop support for further assistance.


No audio

Not all courses are accompanied by audio narration, music, and sound effects. Ask your training manager if the course does indeed contain audio. If it does, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  • Ensure your speakers or headphones are plugged securely into the correct jack on your device and are powered on (if applicable)

  • Ensure the volume level is turned up on your device

  • Launch a familiar website or application with audio to test audio output and the volume level

If the issue persists, contact your local system administrator or desktop support for further assistance.

Re-viewing/Resuming your course

Resume an interrupted course or re-view a completed course by following the same process used to initially login to the learning management system (LMS).


Can't find the course window (After reading Policy/Course Materials)

As you click on the Policy/Code button in the course, the course gets pushed behind that window – don’t worry, it's still there.

You can close or minimize the policy and the course should appear for you. Please do not launch the course again, as it's still active. Navigate back to the (minimized) course window and you'll be able to move on.


Error messages in the course

The course has most likely timed out for security reasons. Please check your network configuration and try again.

Error messages such as "a system error has occurred" or "error with course communication" usually mean that your computer has temporarily lost communication with the True Office Learning servers. This can occur when:

  • Multiple applications and browser windows are open (because other applications may interrupt the flow of data streaming from True Office Learning)

  • The internet connection is interrupted

  • Connection is attempted during a system upgrade

To resolve the issue:

  1. Close all browser windows and system applications

  2. Attempt to connect to the system again

If you continue to experience connectivity issues, try to access the system via a hardwired (versus a wireless) connection.  If the error message persists, clear your browser cache or reboot your system.


Flash Player errors

With Flash being discontinued all our courses utilize HTML to play the course. If your course is requiring Flash, please contact True Office to get an updated course package.


Network Connection error

Unfortunately, an error like this relates to your internet connection, not the course itself. However, there are a few things you can try to resolve this issue. Usually by opening the training in a completely different browser, you'll correct the problem.

Additional actions to try:

  • Close any browser windows not related to the course

  • Close your email client

  • Close any applications that may be using a lot of bandwidth

  • If you are using a VPN or Citrix and have the option to complete the course using a direct connection to the internet, do so

  • Clear your browser’s cache (see below) and load the course again


Course won't load/advance

Please try opening the training in a completely different browser. If that doesn't work, or isn't an option, please clear your browser's cache.

To reset your browser’s cache (browser specific):

Google Chrome

  1. In the Toolbar, click the three vertical Dots, then "More Tools" and select "Clear Browsing Data".

  2. From the menu on the left-hand side select "Under the Hood"

  3. At the top of the window, click the "Clear Browsing Data" button

  4. From the popup, leave the default boxes checked and click the "Clear Browsing Data" button

  5. Close the Options tab

  6. Close and reopen the browser

Mozilla Firefox

  1. From the main menu, select Options

  2. Click the Privacy icon in the top row

  3. From the center of the window, select the "clear your recent history" hyperlink

  4. Use the dropdown to select "Everything" and click the "Clear Now" button

  5. Select the "OK" button at the bottom

  6. Close and reopen the browser

Learn I.O.

Non-Scholar (non-TOL course) hosting requirements

Tracker Types:

AICC (fully hosted)
SCORM 1.2 (single SCO)

Size Restrictions:

150MB per course

MIME Type Restrictions:

None at this time

Completion Parameters:

Set the following values to ensure the course sets to complete at the end of the program:


SCORM 1.2:
cmi.core.lesson_status=completed OR cmi.core.lesson_status=passed

Getting started in Learn I.O.

  1. Go to the training login page

  2. Upon successful login, you will see your personal training menu containing the courses for which you are registered

  3. Click the start course button.


My username/password isn't working

If you’re receiving an error message at the bottom of the login screen, before resetting your password, please first ensure that the information you entered is correct. Be sure to type out your credentials in the required fields – copying and pasting can include hidden characters and/or spaces.

To reset your password:

  1. Click the Forgot Password button below the login box

  2. Enter your email address or your Employee ID and Company ID. Click Submit - ensure that you enter the email address at which you've received your invitation to complete your training

  3. You will receive an email with instructions on resetting your password

  4. If you haven’t received your temporary password please check your Junk or SPAM Mail Folders or check with your internal IT Team to unblock emails coming from True Office


I'm unable to connect to the LMS API/Reporting System

If your company requires a VPN access to internal systems, then you must log in via your VPN provider in order to access the course.
This may also happen if the True Office Learning domain isn’t whitelisted with your company, or because of another proxy issue. If this is the case, please contact your internal training administrator to get this issue resolved.

The course won't open

Pop-up blockers can prevent the course from beginning when you click the start button next to the course title on the main screen.

To allow the course to launch (browser-specific):

Google Chrome

  1. In the toolbar, click More (three vertical dots), then "More Tools >", and select "Clear Browsing Data"

  2. In the Clear browsing data box, select the tick boxes for "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files"

  3. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Choose "beginning of time" to delete everything

  4. Click "Clear browsing data"

Mozilla Firefox

  1. In the menu, select Tools, then click on Options at the bottom.

  2. Click on the Content tab and uncheck the box next to "Block pop-ups windows"

  3. Then click OK to close the window

If the issue persists, contact your local system administrator or desktop support for further assistance.



Go to to login to Poet.
Your login credentials are included in the implementation documents. If you can’t locate these details or your implementation docs, please contact your TOL Relationship Manager or send an email to for help.


Supported Browsers

Poet uses technology that is only supported on modern web browsers. Please login to Poet using one of the following applications:

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported.


Supported Courses

Please note that Poet only supports Scholar courses that your organization has published, or those created by your team in the Poet tool itself.

Need more help with Poet?
To learn about every feature of Poet Editing/Authoring and full walkthroughs, check out the Poet Access Guide. Just click the 'Support' link (under the Account button in the Poet header) to view the guide.

I.Q. Portal

Go to to login to I.Q.
Your credentials are included in the implementation documents. If you can’t locate these details or your implementation docs, please contact your TOL Relationship Manager or send an email to for help.


Need to reset your password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, request a new one by clicking the Forgot password link on the I.Q. login screen. Ensure you have access to the email account associated with your credentials, then follow the onscreen prompts, and subsequent email.

Supported Courses

Please note that I.Q. only works for Scholar courses that your organization has published, and which launched after July 2014. If a course fits this description and doesn’t appear on the Course Selection page, contact our Support Team.

Need more help with I.Q.?
To learn about every feature of the I.Q. Portal and for full walkthroughs, check out the I.Q. Access Guide. Just Click the "Support" link (under the Account button in the I.Q. header) to view the guide. 

Haven't found what you're looking for? Let us know.


System Requirements


Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Edge*

  • Google Chrome*

  • Mozilla Firefox*

Mac OS

  • Mac OS X*

  • Safari*

  • Mozilla Firefox*

  • Google Chrome*

Apple Mobile Devices

  • iOS*

  • Safari*

Android Mobile Devices

  • Android 7.1.2 or later

  • Google Chrome*

*Latest version, plus one version previous, are supported.


Minimum Bandwidth

  • 256kbps download / 64kbps upload per learner

  • All users (including those on tablets) must maintain a constant, uninterrupted high speed internet connection to the content server and learning management system

Recommended Bandwidth

  • 5Mbps+ download / 1Mbps+ upload per learner


True Office Learning uses auto-detection routines to check trainees’ browsers for JavaScript and cookies. If these are absent or inactive, the trainee is redirected to an error page and given specific instructions. In rare instances, True Office Learning may be unable to support computer systems that require certain programs which interfere with the normal operation of the web browser.