It's time for all of us to play our parts creating a more fair, equitable future for employees. 

Training on Unconscious Bias is critically important, but can be difficult. The communication needs to be humanized, the material must connect and resonate, and the knowledge needs to last beyond the training itself,

True Office Learning has put together a special campaign kit to help compliance teams drive meaningful change in the culture of their organizations. Learn more about what's included in this offering below. 



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What's Included In The Campaign Kit: 


Gary Turk 

The Unconscious Bias training video from award-winning Gary Turk’s Step Up series.

This introspective short film encourages employees to self-reflect on, and question, their choices in the workplace, revealing the deeply rooted, unintentional patterns of thinking that drive our decisions.


Coach icon@2x (1)-1 


Three Coach Microlearning assets: 

Unconscious Bias: Helping employees understand and navigate bias in the workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion: Reinforces the importance of not making decisions based on certain characteristics.

Microaggressions: Explains what microaggressions are, and how they impact culture.




Broadcat Unconscious Bias Job-Aid for posting on intranet and distribution to managers.

The Is it OK To Do This at Work? Flowchart helps employees determine if a particular action is appropriate workplace behavior.





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