Webinar: Identifying and Protecting Trade Secrets Presented by True Office learning and winston & STrawn LLP

Can your employees appropriately identify organizational and third-party trade secrets? And can you prove they are making the right choices to protect this information in practice?

Join Shannon Murphy, Partner at Winston & Strawn LLP and Harper Wells, Director of Compliance Insights and Strategy at True Office Learning, to discuss how you can help employees establish a baseline understanding of what type of information constitutes a trade secret and reinforce the serious consequences of the loss, theft, or misuse of trade secret information.

We will discuss:
  • Empowering employees to take reasonable steps to appropriately protect the trade secrets of their organization, including when sharing internally, externally, and after departure
  • Mitigation steps to take in order to ensure policies, processes, and controls are well communicated and that training appropriately addresses the risk
  • How to take steps to protect the trade secrets of other organizations and third parties such as vendors, suppliers, partners, and former employers
  • The importance of reporting an actual or suspected trade secret compromise

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